Monday to Saturday (11 AM to 3 PM)

Paula Andrea Pérez, also known as “La Pau Pau“, studied
Communication Sciences in Medellin Colombia. In 1999,
Boston MASS City, opened the first doors to her as an
announcer in La Radio Power 1800 FM, allowing to be
show host on Univision 24 local as well as model of
runway and advertising. In 2005, she moved to Atlanta
and had the opportunity to work as an announcer
throughout the years at La Raza 102.3 FM Regional
Mexican Station, Viva 105.7 FM by Iheart Media Radio
Tropical Pop, along with TV entertainment capsules on
Univision 34 Atlanta, Patron 105.3 FM Regional Radio
Mexican. Her interests included but are not limited to:
health, fashion, traveling, social media, and music.
Responsible, charismatic, creative, and a good sense of
humor make her a great addition to our mid day drive on
La Mega Atlanta 96.5 FM Y 1290.

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