Edwin Bautista

Years of experience: 25+ years

Day part: Monday to Saturday (6 AM to 10 AM)

Biggest accomplishment: Being on radio for so many years since 1994. He loves being able to identify with the community here in Georgia as well as in Miami.




Paula Andrea Perez “La Pau Pau”

Years of experience: 20 years

Day part: Monday to Saturday (1 AM to 3 PM)

Biggest accomplishment: Paula’s greatest accomplishment has been being #1 in the Tropical pop market in Massachusetts and #1 in Regional Mexican in Atlanta. She is recognized by Atlanta’s community due to the participation and collaboration she has done with many non-profit organizations.



      El Bad Benny

Benjamin Flores

Years of experience: 1 year and a half

Day part: La Nueva Mega PM Drive
3PM to 7PM

Biggest accomplishment: Ben’s greatest accomplishment is owning two businesses at age 23 and worked his way up from promotions to afternoon drive on radio, within a year.